Tour De Force Is Now Selling Genuine 600HP Formula One Cars To The Public

Formula One cars undoubtedly represent the absolute pinnacle of automotive performance, though with top teams typically spending around half-a-billion dollars each season, the prospect of owning a genuine F1 racer is little more than a pipe dream for track-day and motorsport enthusiasts. The UK’s Tour De Force Engineering is changing that reality, however, via the introduction of its publicly-available track-only TDF-1 car: a near-carbon copy of an F1 racer circa 2011 and 2012.

Comprised of mechanics who previously worked for leading F1 teams like Williams, Mercedes, Marussia, and Renault, TDFE is an elite outfit specializing in the maintenance and restoration of genuine F1 cars. The company’s new TDF-1 is built using the customer’s choice of either Marussia or Sauber carbon monocoque frames and is powered by a turbocharged 600hp, 1.7L inline-four married to a six-speed transmission with an electronically-operated clutch and carbon fiber and magnesium case. Capable of producing 4G in cornering forces, 200mph+ speeds, and sub-2-second 0-60mph times, the TDF-1 also gets AP Racing brakes and clutch, paddle shifters, F1-style steering wheel, double carbon fiber-shrouded wishbone suspension with titanium flexures and Ohlins shocks fore and aft, and F1-spec OZ rims shod in F1-spec Pirelli rubber. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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