These Gorgeous Kid’s Hot Rods Invoke The Spirit Of The ’32 Ford ‘Deuce’

In today’s world of planned obsolescence and cheaply made toys, it seems like there’s less and less room for finely-crafted, heirloom-quality offerings for kids. Wanting to buck this trend, New Zealand-based artisan — and custom bike builder — Mike Andrews set out to deliver a toy for his kids that would last a lifetime and could be passed down to future generations, ultimately giving way to what Mike has named the Tot Rod Shop.

Modeled after the illustrious 1932 “Deuce” Ford, Mike has created a hot rod kit for toddlers, using premium materials and construction techniques. The kits come with a powder-coated steel chassis, chrome-plated hole-punched drop axle, windscreen, full fiberglass bodywork, seat shell, saucer-style rims shod in straight-tread rubber, sand-cast aluminum grille, and taillights and bezels. What really sets the Tot Rods apart from other Fisher-Price style kid’s cars is their stellar attention to detail and fit and finish. From the handmade windscreen frames, to the laser-cut drop axle, to the plush, hand-stitched interior (which is offered in three colors), the exacting and acute details on the kid’s cars are nothing short of incredible. Built to house tots who are up to three-feet-tall, the kits are sold in bare fiberglass, requiring prep work and paint starting at $2,600 (plus shipping, taxes, etc) or $3,600 for a pre-painted “turn-key” example adorned in an automotive-grade enamel under a clear-coat.

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