Torbe Custom Knives Jangle-Buster

As is the case with a lot of gear nowadays, fixed blade knives are a dime a dozen. Every brand and maker worth their mettle has made one and, if we’re being honest, a good deal of them are more than halfway decent. The problem with that is twofold. It makes it harder to stand out from the crowd as a maker and it makes it harder to find knives of note as a consumer. So, when we stumbled upon the Jangle-Buster from Torbé Custom Knives, we were understandably excited.

This fixed blade knife has an overall length of 11.2 inches. Of that, 5.5 inches are made up by a spear point PVD-coated A2 tool steel blade. For those keeping score, that’s an incredibly durable and hard material to make a blade out of and it can survive an incredible amount of abuse. The handle is made from canvas micarta and promises to offer superb grip in any conditions. All in all, this knife is a solid blend of style and substance, promising to function admirably and look good doing so. It retails starting at $362 with shipping included. [Purchase]