Tops M4X Punisher Knife

Usually when you see action movie stars busting out crazy knives, they’re more for show than they are for actual utility. The M4X Punisher from Tops, however, is an exception.

This fixed blade was featured in Punisher: War Zone not just because it looks mean as hell, but because it is a veritable slicing and dicing machine. Measuring in at 13 inches long and boasting an 8.5 inch long 1095 steel blade it can work as a combination saw, crowbar, and hatchet. Designed by Daniel M. Certo and made right here in the U.S. of A, this thing features a black linen micarta handle for solid grip, and an accompanying Black Ballistic Nylon sheath with molle backing for easy cary wither on the belt of on your bag. You can pick up this Hollywood star for $280. [Purchase]