Tops Knives Tundra Trekker

Originally an agrarian tool, the Nepalese kukri knife is a favored weapon and utility cutter of the fabled Gurkha warriors. And while it’s a formidable battlefield blade that will go down in the annals of history for its versatility and magnificence, it also made an excellent blueprint for Tops Knives’ newest outdoor-focused machete, the Tundra Trekker.

There are a few notable differences between this USA-made Tops Knives’ offering – namely in the curvature of the blade itself and the useful saw teeth that line its spine – but those differences also make this a more useful tool for backcountry explorers. The knife is built from sturdy and reliable stonewashed 1095 stainless steel – with a Rockwell rating of 56-58 – and is mated to a handsome Micarta handle. Weighing 16.6 ounces and measuring up at 14.25″ overall, this intimidating hack-and-slasher is as handy as it is intimidating. The Leo Espinoza designed blade can be yours for $185.

Purchase: $185