This USA-Made Straight Razor Is An EDC Friction Folder In Disguise

Back in 2016, TOPS Knives’ CEO Leo Espinoza designed and introduced the world to the knifemaking brand’s very first friction folder, called the Tac-Raze. Now, that knife is getting an even more unique follow-up in the USA-made Tac-Raze 2.

Don’t let the appearance fool you — this new knife isn’t actually a straight razor intended for beard maintenance, though it clearly draws styling cues from cutthroat blades. However, it’s durable, hatchet-style 1095 steel blade is actually intended for EDC cutting tasks, like opening packages or cutting lengths of cord. And it mates beautifully to its curved G10 handle — which offers plenty of grip in just about any conditions. Complete with its own premium leather sheath (which can be worn either vertically or horizontally), this non-locking everyday carry friction folder is available now for $105.

Purchase: $105