TOPS’ ‘Storm Vector’ Knife Is A Modern-Day Interpretation Of A Classic Viking Seax

Though Vikings are closely associated with the battle axe thanks to movies, comics and pop-culture, the fabled Norse warriors more commonly carried a large single-bladed fighting knife known the Seax. A deadly weapon that also afforded a decent amount of utility for handling tasks around camp, the Seax was wonderfully conducive to the Viking’s way of life. Recognizing the merits of the instrument, TOPS Knives has reimagined the Seax as a modern-day tool, implementing a series of tweaks that allow it to better lend itself to contemporary uses.

Christened the “Storm Vector,” this modern-day Seax sports a full-tang 12” blade with a 0.25” thickness and a 1095 high-carbon steel construction with an Acid Rain finish. Measuring 18.25” in total, the Storm Vector comes paired with black canvas Micarta scales reinforced via blue G-10 liners, replacing the wood or horn handles of traditional Seax items. The tanto-esque blade also comes with a custom-molded Kydex sheath with a leather dangler and an exposed spine that, when combined with the blade itself, collectively weighs in at just 2lbs (or 32oz). Priced at $225, the TOPS Knives Storm Vector Seax blade is available now.

Purchase: $225