TOPS Knives’ Nata Is A Japanese-Inspired Modern-Day Hatchet

Japanese tools, such as the kiridashi and the katana, inspired many of our own. Blending traditional Japanese design and American spirit, the TOPS Knives Nata Knife is a hatchet-like cutting tool for the backcountry.

It features a beefy 6.5-inch rectangular 1095 steel blade with an acid rain finish and full tang construction. The Nata’s canted handle is made from beautiful black canvas and brown burlap Micarta, providing you with sufficient grip for excellent chopping power. There are also three large grooves on the handle so you can lock in your grip. It comes with a chocolate leather sheath featuring a convenient belt loop so you can take it wherever you roam on the campsite, ranch, or around your home for gardening. Built for chopping and hacking chores, the Nata knife is ready to be the perfect hard-use companion on every adventure on- and off-the-beaten-path. You can customize the knife with serrations, a camp finish, or a rocky mountain tread. Arm yourself with the TOPS Knives Nata today for $185.

Purchase: $185