Tops Knives C.U.T. 4.0

Karambit knives look mean as hell, and if you know what you are doing with one they can be deadly as well – but they’re not quite something that you’d want to use for anything other than self-defense. At least that is how designer Joshua Swanagon felt about this beloved style of knife. Despite his martial arts background and training with karambit blades, he wanted something he could also use as a field utility knife. Hence, the Tops C.U.T. 4.0 was born.

A combination of tool and a ring-style weapon, this fixed blade made from 1095 steel retains its curve and ringed handle while keeping a more traditional drop point blade style on the business end. Trying to merge the best of both worlds isn’t always easy – but Swanagon and Tops managed to make this work perfectly. Whether you are out in the city or deep in the woods, this 4 inch long blade is good to slide out of the black kydex sheeth for whatever task you have to take on. You can get one with a straight blade, serrated, or with a camo finish starting for $136. [Purchase]

Tops Knives C.U.T. 4.0 1

Tops Knives C.U.T. 4.0 2

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Tops Knives C.U.T. 4.0