Tops Knives Backpacker’s Bowie Fixed Blade

While a folding knife is an excellent choice for your everyday carry, fixed blade knives are much better suited to the great outdoors. And the bowie is one of the absolute best. That being said, many of them are a bit on the gargantuan side and don’t make a ton of sense for long-form trips into the wilderness. Luckily, the folks at Tops Knives are right on top of that problem and have solved it with their Backpacker’s Bowie.

Featuring an iconic clip-point blade and classic silhouette, this USA-made knife is still built for the kinds of hard use its larger brethren excel at – especially because it is made with durable and versatile tumble-finished 1095 steel. But at 8.25 inches in length overall, this compact version is far more compatible with activities like hiking, camping, and – of course – backpacking. It also features a sturdy and lightweight Micarta handle and comes with a super-durable Kydex sheath for easy carrying on your belt or attached to your tactical backpack. The Backpacker’s Bowie can be yours now for $120.

Purchase: $120