TOPS Fireman’s Backup Axe

When it comes to surviving in the wild, most guys will be well served with a high quality fixed blade knife. But firemen aren’t most guys. They dedicate their lives to serving others, and for such demanding service, one requires a bit more punch in their survival tools.

That’s exactly what the Fireman’s Backup Axe was built for. The axe was developed by scout leader and knife and axe designer Allen Jensen after he spent countless hours with the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and highly trained wild-land firefighters (known as Hot Shot Crews). The tough tool is constructed from black coated 1095 high carbon alloy and measures in at 7.5 inches. It’s also being used by SWAT teams and other specialty military units – and it if it’s good enough for these guys, it’s surely good enough for us. [Purchase]