Topo Designs Work Pants

Sometimes denim just doesn’t cut it. Whether you’re out for a cold-weather trek through the woods, or looking to get some woodworking done in the garage, your common pair of blue jeans can often be both too thin and constrictive. For those who are looking for a better solution there are Topo Designs’ Work Pants.

Cut from American-made 12-ounce duck canvas, boasting triple-stitch seams and double front panels, these bottoms are more than capable of taking on tough outdoor tasks. The thick fabric provides ample protection from the cold and abrasion from tools or rocks. But more than just being utility driven, these pants have a sharp look to them. Sewn right here in the states, they’ve been given a streamlined (but unrestrictive) fit that’ll look just as at home on the trail as it will in the city. A solid wintertime pick if we’ve ever seen one.

Purchase: $150