Tophat Land Rover Defender Waterdream

Carel and Alex, the owners of Tophat Classics, travel throughout Europe to scavenge for busted old Defenders to bring back to life, making them better than they ever were. With their latest project, the Defender Waterdream Edition, they’ve built their most powerful creation yet.

Sleek on the outside with a brand new bodykit and a khaki green paint job, it’s packing a Corvette Z06 with 650hp under the hood. Its vintage aesthetic lends itself well to its rugged modifications, as it also has special APP racing brakes, air suspension that you can tweak via an app and Koni race dampers. Teaming up with Waterdream, a company that makes quality boats, this 4×4 vehicle has custom dials, velour upholstery and even a Raymarine screen that reflects Waterdream’s boats. You can also bump some jams with its audio setup of more than 3000 watts. This is a unique beast that’s almost too good to drive.

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