Topeak Prep 25 Multi-Tool Set

You never know when your enjoyable bike ride is gonna turn into a mini-disaster. Whether it’s riding over a rock, an unfortunate curb encounter, or the dreaded “I don’t know how it happened” bugaboo, many issues can arise when traveling on two wheels. Topeak’s Prep 25 multi-tool set will help you handle those hiccups.

This is a 25 function bike tool kit to cover a wide variety of bicycle maintenance needs. Meant for both single speed and fixed gear cyclists, the set includes Allen bits and Torx bits in a variety of sizes, a Philips and flat head screwdriver, spoke wrenches, tire levers, and more. It all comes in a nice compact bag that mounts easily to the top tube of your bike. [Purchase]

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Topeak Prep 25 Multi-Tool Set 3

Topeak Prep 25 Multi-Tool Set 4