Top 10 Best Recut Movie Trailers

Best Recut Movie Trailers

Best Recut Movie Trailers
If you’re the type of person who cracked up when Jack Nicholson “knocked” on the door with his ax in The Shining, or somehow had nightmares for weeks about Doc Brown in Back to the Future, first of all, what the freak is wrong with you? You’re doing it wrong. But hey, before you high-five yourself for the ability to score Prozac at rock-bottom prices, take one more test. See if these 10 recut and remixed movie trailers make sense to you. Forrest Gump as a gangsta flick? Jaws as a Disney comedy? The Notebook as a horror film? “Wait, The Notebook wasn’t horror?” every heterosexual dude reading this just barked. Hey, we said horror, not horrible—big difference.

Forrest Gump Goes Gangsta

Forrest Gump had a lot of good stuff crammed into it: heart-tugging drama, charming comedy, historical references, and the most references to shrimp seen in a movie since The Shrimpzard of Oz. But one thing it sorely slacked was any kind of street cred. Where were the sagging jeans?¬† Where were the drive-bys? And how the hell did Three Six Mafia not represent on the soundtrack? These glaring omissions really kept it from being considered a classic in the hood. Fortunately the mad men at AMC found a little spare time in between powdering up Christina Hendricks’ ta tas to create this awesome gangstafied recut.

The Shining, Happy People!

“Meet Jack Torrance!” begins this brilliantly reimagined trailer for Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror flick. When Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill” kicks in with the Colorado mountains in the background, you can almost believe this film wasn’t meant to be the nightmare-filled masterpiece that it is.

Uncle Buck, Staring John Candy (man, Candyman, Candyman)

John Candy’s roly poly comedy stylings may have brought laughs to millions in the 80s, but apparently the only thing kept Uncle Buck from being a horror flick was the editing. With just some simple tweaks and a few thumping heartbeats, Candy goes from comedy cutup to cutthroat killer.

Sing Jaws, Sing!

Thank goodness Jaws was released in 1975, because if it were coming out today, Disney surely would’ve scooped it up by now and turned it into something like this; a more profitable family-friendly flick with the killer shark doing more singing than biting. By the way, show me a shark that can sing and I’ll show you the nastiest, bloodiest celebrity battle ever seen on The Voice.

Ace Ventura: Alrighty or allwrongy?

If you think about it, it’s not a far leap at all for Jim Carrey’s shtick to go from rubber-faced funnyman to rubber-faced freak. This reworked trailer for Ace Ventura turns his trademark silliness into something a bit more sinister. It’s also a nice reminder of how hot Courteney Cox used to be.

2001: A Space Odyssey, Now With Make Sense!

While many critics consider 2001: A Space Odyssey to be one of the greatest films of all time, nearly everyone else finds it to tedious exercise in trying to figure out what the hell is happening. In this remix, the Film School Rejects expertly take the coolest visuals – of which, admittedly, there are many – from this sci-fi head-scratcher and make it seem quite watchable.

Toy Story Turns Terrifying

Toys coming to life is usually pretty scary, but somehow when Pixar picked up that premise they turned it into one of the most popular family movies of all time. This trailer shows that no matter which studio is behind the project, it’s always unnerving to have Tim Allen in your bedroom.

The Notebook Made Man-Friendly

Statistics show 97.4% of men under 30 who had a girlfriend between the years 2004-2006 were brutally subjected to at least three viewings of The Notebook. For those survivors  we offer this recut trailer to help soothe the wounds. Watching Ryan Gosling and Rachael McAdams maniacally paddle their rowboat through the rain is clearly a step up.

Back to the Future: Surviving Doc Brown

Marty McFly found Doc Brown to be a well-meaning mad scientist, but adjust Back to the Future’s music and edits and Christopher Lloyd quickly goes from lovable to lunatic. He’s still cooler than Biff, though.

Mrs. Doubtfire As A Cross-Dressing Killer

If you’re gonna put Robin Williams in drag, at least have the common sense to make your film a psychological thriller. Unfortunately that was not the case with Mrs. Doubtfire, but this new trailer treats the bizarre subject matter properly.