Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Living

Putting a new spin on outdoor excursions, the Netherlands based designer Maarten van Soest has combined tiny homes with RV campers for the unique Tonke Fieldsleeper.

This spacious mobile home attaches to the back of a van, and can be easily detached, and serve as a standalone tiny home while the van ventures out to explore the great outdoors. Each Tonke camper has been hand crafted in a small workshop ensuring nothing but the highest quality end product. The inside of the camper comes complete with a living area, kitchen, guest bed, and plenty of room for up to 3 people.

Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper 2

Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper 3

Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper 4

Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper 6

Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper 7

Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper 8

Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper 9

Tonke Fieldsleeper Mobile Camper 10

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