Todd Snyder X Birdwell Board Shorts

Finding a good pair of board shorts for the summer is much harder than you would think. Too many of them draw attention in all of the wrong ways – primarily via weird cuts or goofy print patterns. Todd Snyder’s collaboration with Birdwell on their board shorts completely avoid all of those pitfalls.

Not only are these shorts from the New York based designer and Californian heritage surf brand sharp looking, but they’re completely made here in the U.S. All eight colorways of these shorts are made with the Birdwell family’s proprietary SurfNyl fabric and are hand cut and sewn right in Santa Ana. ¬†Each pair of shorts features a button closure back right pocket, lace closure fronts, the classic Birdwell Beach Britches stamp along the back, and are sure to serve you well for many years to come.

Purchase: $98+