Toast Playstation 4 Wood Skin

If you like gaming on your PlayStation 4 and you also appreciate good interior design, you already know that your gaming console is painfully limited style-wise. In fact, apart from game-specific special editions, it only comes in two colors: black and white. And if you’ve got a home full of beautiful wood-clad furniture, that doesn’t bode well. Thankfully, Toast has come along to ease your pain.

Made from actual wood (hence the spot-on grain lines and lack of plastic shine) in the brand’s Oregon-based studio, these gorgeous decals (for lack of a better word) will transform your PS4 into a beautiful desktop accessory, rather than a plastic eyesore. Toast’s skins covers all visible sides whether you stand up or lay down your console. They’re also simple to apply – just peel them off the sheet, line them up, and stick them on – and come in either the regular or Pro variety. Step up your PlayStation’s style for just $49. [Purchase]