TiVo Mega DVR

For the man who shudders and breaks out in hives when he hears the phrase, “cut the cord,” the TiVo Mega might be the ultimate home companion. This, everybody, is a DVR on steroids.

The humongous 24TB hard drive has room for roughly 4,000 hours of HD movies and shows; that’s 12X more storage capacity than any other cable DVR. The six built-in tuners let you record multiple shows at once, while the you can also stream to your phone or tablet, and that’s at home and over the Internet. It also searches across cable TV, available on demand programming, and streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus. A slide-out keyboard remote makes the searching that much easier. The TiVo Mega features an anodized precision-machined bezel, and it’s rack mountable. The whole thing costs $5,000, but that gets you TiVo service as long ling as TiVo is still providing service.