Titleist’s Top-Tier Vokey Design SM8 Golf Wedges Get A Jet Black Finish

Most of us aren’t professional golfers, but we still foster a healthy appreciation for the sport’s finest tools. When it comes to clubs, Titleist has made a name for itself as one of the most prominently-used brands on the market, bringing innovative wedges, putters, and drivers to both amateur and pro play. The Vokey Design SM8 wedges, on the other hand, are its most illustrious, PGA-approved models — and now, they’ve been refinished in a Jet Black colorway.

The Vokey Design SM8 might be some of the most renowned wedges on the pro tour, but the availability of an all-black, limited-edition finish has given contemporary golfers even more of a reason to undertake a transition into the Titleist ecosystem. Inspired by Cam Smith and Jimmy Walker — two of the company’s proficient athletes — the colorway boasts a glare-resistant finish, progressive CG, and an exclusive BV Wings multi-compound black grip, promoting increased tactile feel, trajectory control, and consistency. Each wedge will also feature a Dynamic Gold S200 Black Onyx shaft and can be personalized with custom stamping and paint-fill for a more unique appeal among enthusiasts. Head to the Vokey website to pick up one of your own or $184.

Purchase: $184