Titleist Updates Its Titanium Catalog With Speed-Tuned TSi Golf Clubs

Titleist is one of the world’s foremost golf brands. That distinct title affords it the opportunity to innovate, and as such, we’ve seen plenty of high-profile releases from the outfit within the past year. Hot on the heels of its recently-revealed CNCPT CP-04 Iron range, the transcendental manufacturer has announced yet another technical series to trounce its competition.

The brand’s aptly-named “TSi Driver and Fairway Metal” collection arrives in the form of specially-crafted clubs to improve your overall performance. At its heart, the series introduces a unique ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium construction that’s never been used within the world of golf, alongside advanced, speed-tuned technology, aerodynamic principles, and profound profiles that have been scientifically-tested (and proven) to result in longer, straighter, and more accurate drives. As a plus, each driver has been optimized to reduce drag by up to 15-percent, complementing its innovative SureFit hosel, which allows players to utilize Titleist’s SureFit CG track technology to adjust the club’s center of gravity. The brand rounds out its collection with the TSi2 and TSi3 Fairway clubs, which incorporate Active Recoil channels, and bespoke clubhead positions that can be adapted to Toe, Neutral, and Heel. The collection is currently available on Titleist’s website for $299 and up.

Purchase: $299+