Jordan Spieth Helped Design Titleist’s Groundbreaking New Clubs

Titleist is one of the most recognizable names in golf, and though the company revealed its original AP iron over a decade ago, the company’s influence within the sport is at an all-time high. Now, to bring its AP line into modernity, the legendary brand has introduced the T-Series — a collection of irons fit for golf’s finest athletes.

The T-Series is comprised of three new offerings from the brand — a forged cavity iron dubbed the T100, a powerful distance club labeled the T200, and the T300 — which are focused on player improvement. While these newly-implemented clubs replace the company’s AP1, AP2, and AP3, you can expect improved playability throughout the range, thanks to the implementation of Max Impact technology, which results in refined contact across the entire forged clubface, and input from the industry’s leading athletes, like Jordan Spieth. To set the clubs apart from their counterparts, the company approached the series through a reevaluation of three different dimensions — Distance, Dispersion, and Angle of Descent — creating the quintessential iron for everything from professional play, to a weekend spent alongside friends on your favorite green.

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