Titanium Vegetable Peeler

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of using sub-par kitchen tools, then you understand the associated annoyance, frustration, and – sometimes – pain. That’s why we like to keep our cabinets and drawers stocked with the kind of gear we know we can depend upon for years. The better the construction materials, the less we find ourselves discontented. So, when we saw the Titanium Vegetable Peeler, we were understandably intrigued.

You might think that this is the last utensil in your kitchen you need made absurdly tough. That is, until you find yourself defeated by a potato. Never fear the wrath of the spuds when you’ve got this tool handy. Made from precision-machined Grade 5 Titanium, this incredible hand tool might actually be the toughest peeler ever made. And you can count on each one’s individual quality, as they are run on the CNC one at a time. The super sharp double-edge blades are also rustproof, so you don’t ever have to worry about corrosion. It’s also been designed to work either right- or left-handed. You can pick one up from their fully-funded Kickstarter page for as low as $95. [Purchase]