Titanium Samurai Bicycle

We must’ve missed that scene in Seven Samurai where the ronins come riding in on their Schwinns to battle the bandits and save the village. OK, it never happened, but if they had been riding the Samurai Bike by Kyoto-based designer Kazushige Miyake, it actually would’ve looked legit.

Drawing inspiration from the storied members of the Japanese warrior caste and their favorite weapon, the katana, Miyake’s unique creation uses a handcrafted titanium frame with parts made of Ti-6A1-4V alloy. As if that weren’t enough to stand out, the frame was handcrafted by Japanese artisans using the “Ebikan” technique, where you weld small fan-shaped pieces together. The end result is strong, lightweight, and smooth construction; the kind a samurai would be proud to wear on his chest as armor.

Titanium Samurai Bicycle 2

Titanium Samurai Bicycle 3

Titanium Samurai Bicycle 4

Titanium Samurai Bicycle 5