Titanium Pocket Bit: EDC Screwdriver

As much as our multi-tools have become an essential component to our EDC kits, there are times when we could do without the extra bulk. The Titanium Pocket Bit provides a nice alternative, seeing that it replaces one of the most used components of our multi-tool – the screwdriver.

This tiny key ring screwdriver is nearly half the weight of your normal house key, weighing just under 4 grams. Don’t let it’s small size fool you though, this is a fully capable tool. The titanium alloy bit features a #2 Phillips head on one side while a 6mm flat head resides on the other. And thanks to the included titanium ring, driving and loosening screws is as easy as turning it like a key. In addition to performing your standard screwdriver duties, this capable little tool will also come in handy when opening packages and cracking open cold ones. No EDC kit should be without one. Watch the video below.[Purchase]

Titanium Pocket Bit 2

Titanium Pocket Bit 3