Tiny Arcade

It’s true that big things come in small packages. TinyCurcuits, based out of Ohio, just released their Tiny Arcade that accurately depicts this cliche. Literally fitting in the palm of your hand, these miniature gaming cabinets let you relive the glory days at the local video arcade when you ruled the roost, betting against everyone else’s allowance.

Featuring a 32 Bit Atmel Processor and an OLED display screen with a 16-bit color depth, the Tiny Arcade brings famed classics like Space Invaders, 3D Driving, and Flappy Birdz back to life. It features real magnetic speaker, a joystick board with an analog joystick, two push buttons, a microSD card slot, and completed with either an acrylic or 3D-printed housing. And the best part of all, TinyCircuits plans on open sourcing the design so all you DIY fans out there can actually 3D print your own custom tiny cabinet. Interested? The preassembled cabinets are available for $75 and the DIY sets are available for $60. [Purchase]