Tinger Track C500 ATV

Over the hills and through the woods with the help of the Tinger Track C500 ATV, no obstacle will stand in your way. It’s the finest available option in the Tinger ATV family, boasting a compact size that allows this miniature ATV tank to comfortably fit into a standard trailer yet powerful enough to conquer the backcountry.

One look at the C500 and the first feature you’ll naturally notice are the 20-inch-wide tank tracks with extra low ground pressure. This, combined with a reinforced long-travel suspension, allows for enhanced comfort over even the most challenging terrain. Additionally, its 68hp engine gives the Tinger Track a towing capacity of up to 1,800 pounds making it quite useful for any sort of farming or agricultural job duties – even turning the little ATV into a full-on tractor. Top speeds also clock in at 22 mph, it comes equipped with a 10-gallon fuel tank, can fit up to the five passengers, and operate in temperatures as cold as -40 degrees F.

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