Timmermans Fietsen Scrambler V2.0 Electric Bicycle

Being creative in the custom bike space is what it’s all about, no matter the place you live or where your inspiration comes from. Timmermans Fietsen is a custom bike builder based in a small metropolitan area of eastern Netherlands that draws influence from classic motorcycles for their one off electric bike models, and their Scrambler V2.0 shows how a high tech cruiser can have the soul of a vintage bike.

An improvement over a previous Scrambler style model, the V2.0 is built on a uniquely lugged steel frame that allows for internal routing of the electrical cables, keeping the bike looking clean and airy. Power is stored in battery housed on the top tube of the bike under a pseudo fuel tank that also provides mounting for the LED display and electric drive controller, which allows the rider to rate the motor between 250 and 750 watts. The Scrambler rides on a squishy set of Schwalbe tires while a Marizocchi fork provides additional shock absorption upfront and a petit air shock softens the blow at the saddle. With an internal 3-Speed hub being driven by a Gates Carbon drive system, the unblemished aesthetic stays true from tip to tail.

Purchase: $6,135