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Timex & Nigel Cabourn’s ‘Survival Watch’ Was Inspired By WWII Flight Crews

Famed menswear designer Nigel Cabourn has an inherent knack for capturing the nostalgia of history’s most militaristic time periods, and over the years, he’s collaborated with companies numerous times to bring that nostalgia to life. Now, he’s joined forces (for a third time) with Timex, one of the most recognizable and respected watchmaking brands, for a bespoke, RAF-inspired WWII Survival Watch.

Alongside the collection’s med-kit-inspired packaging, the pair’s bright-yellow MK1 pilot watch makes its debut, honoring the heroic flight crews who crash-landed in the North Atlantic during the 1940s. An eye-catching “survival yellow” dial, NATO-style loops, and Ventile strap pay homage to the high-visibility vests adopted by Royal Air Force pilots and crewmen during the era, helping rescue teams to spot them more easily in the rough, wind-torn seas. If you’re interested in acquiring one of Cabourn and Timex’s 36mm, stainless-steel variants, head over to the watch brand’s website, where you’ll be able to pick one up for $180.

Purchase: $180