Timex MK1 California Field Watch Collection

Fusing a California palette with the battle-tested military field watch design, Timex is offering a collection of colorful timepieces reflecting the coastal vibe of the Golden State. Timex’s MK1 California collection offers the classic watch in a variety of shades with panache.

Constructed with an aluminum case, the MK1 California is a lightweight, sturdy watch for casual days under the sun. It has a domed acrylic crystal, a nylon NATO double slip-thru strap, and an ‘Indiglo’ light-up watch dial. In case you’re planning to soak in the sun at the beach, this west coast watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters. The 40 mm MK1 comes in plenty of color combinations with pop, including black and yellow, silver-tone and orange, and tan and pink. These fashion-forward watches are available right now.

Purchase: $89