Timex Metropolitan+ Watch

Track your daily activity in style with the Timex Metropolitan+ wrist watch. Not only is the Metropolitan+ an appropriate response to the modern smartwatch, it functions within the ethos of simplicity. Here, less is more. And in a world of microcomputers, the Timex offers basic functionality and tracking for those who worry a full-blown wearable iPhone on their wrists might not be for them.

This activity tracker is made of brass and comes in either polished silver or matte black. The watch straps easily swap out between nylon, leather and silicone depending on your preference. On the surface, the watch tells you four things: the time, number of steps you’ve walked, the amount of miles you’ve walked and the percentage of your steps and distance goals you’ve reached. And here’s the kicker, checking them doesn’t require swiping around on a tiny screen. The tracking is actually cleverly integrated into the watch’s face. And displaying different modes only requires switching one of the dials in the upper left and lower right. A fully functional and stylish piece, the Metropolitan+ works well for the individual looking for a traditional, no-nonsense wrist watch. Prices start at $125. [Purchase]

Timex Metro+

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