Bandai Batmobile iPhone 6 Case

You can approach iPhone cases in one of two ways: 1. It should provide ample protection with attractive styling, or 2. It should be a massive, pocket-fattening replica of the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman movies.

Bandai is fond of the latter approach, as the company has released the Crazy Case Batmobile for the iPhone 6, and it’s a fitting name no matter how you slice it. Lay your iPhone flat and you’ll get a perfect right-side up model of the Dark Knight’s ride, but turn it over and voila, it’s your phone again, surrounded by Bat-paraphernalia. There’s a built-in LED light that projects the Bat-signal onto the wall (or your friend’s face), some pop-out wheels that allow for camera use, and a utility belt that surrounds the home button. To the Bat-phone! [Purchase]