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Tile’s Sticker Is A Tiny Waterproof Tracking Device You Can Attach Anywhere

The idea of a tiny tracking device has been around in the media for a long time — especially in super-spy and police thriller movies. However, for the layperson, such advanced technology has mostly been out of reach. That’s all about to change now, thanks to Tile and their new ultra-tiny Sticker.

As you can guess from its name, this micro tracker — which is roughly the size of a small coin — can be attached to just about anything. And once it’s stuck, it will give you the ability to keep tabs on that object with a range of 150 feet. And the super-strong adhesive will stay attached — even in a downpour — making this waterproof device all the handier. Better still, it comes equipped with a battery boasting a whopping 3-years-worth of charge. Whether you’ve got sensitive equipment you want to keep track of, you’re looking to get into the private eye game, or your name is James Bond, you can get the Bluetooth smartphone-compatible Tile Sticker now starting at $40 for a two-pack.

Purchase: $40+