Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker

If you or anyone you know has a bad habit of losing either your keys or your phone and you’ve tried to find a solution to that very problem, you’ve probably never heard of Tile – the company that creates a keychain attachment assisting the chronically forgetful find their missing phone and/or keys. Taking the next logical step with their 2-way locating technology, Tile has released their second iteration – the Slim.

About as thin as 2 credit cards, this version of the Tile can easily fit into a credit card slot in most wallets, making it the slimmest Bluetooth tracker on the market. And it still comes with Tile’s finder app and push-button functionality that will make your phone ring out with a tune even if you leave it on silent – so long as your Tile and phone are within 100 feet of one another. This handy little device weighs just 9.3 grams, has a water resistance rating of IP-5, a battery life of one year, and will ring out at 82 decibels. And it costs just $30. [Purchase]