Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker

Tile, creators of the unwavering Bluetooth trackers, listened to their fans and came out with new versions of their compact devices featuring replaceable coin cell batteries. Helping you keep tabs on your gear with upgraded functionality, these rugged trackers are nifty gadgets fit for a spy.

Replacing the older models are the revamped Tile Mate and the superior Tile Pro, which both feature replaceable batteries, unlike the new Tile Slim. To boost efficiency, the Pro’s reach has been extended to 300 feet, compared to 200 feet from the previous model, and is equipped with a louder ringer. No maintenance is required and the battery should last up to a year. The stealthy Tile Pro will alert you via the app about the location of your item and allows you to ring the item if it’s nearby. You never know if your Tile Pro will lead you on an epic, action-packed chase to retrieve your lost item or alert you that you’ve left your keys at the grocery store. Either way, the Tile tracker has your back.

Purchase: $35