TIK World’s Leanest Keychain

It’d be one thing if, due to their bulky, jangly nature, your keys were always easy to find, but they’re not. So we might as well slenderize the whole kit and yes, the kaboodle as well, by attacking the root of the root of the problem: the keychain.

With its bicycle chain design, TIK (Thin Is Key) promises it’s the world’s leanest keychain. 80% of TIK’s surface is no thicker than a key’s blade, with the rest only 20% thicker. You’ll also have an extra pep in your step, as TIK sheds some 40% of the weight of a standard set of keys. TIK bends in only one direction, which in turn lets up to six keys take up as little space as possible on your person. Watch the video below. [Purchase]