TIHK EvadeClip Multi-Tool

Harry Houdini could get out of anything from chains, straight jackets, and ropes with nothing more than his hands. Well, we’re not Harry Houdini – but thanks to the EvadeClip, we can still get out of tight spots.

This everyday carry multi-tool includes a stainless steel mini saw, carbide grit rod saw, and three piece lock pick set made from heat treated stainless steel. Based out of Seattle, this company has made it easy for you to cut through metals, ropes, and pick most locks while still being small enough to carry discretely in your pocket or bag. You can make sure you don’t get trapped in sticky situation by picking one of these up for $20. See it in action below. [Purchase]

TIHK EvadeClip 1

TIHK EvadeClip 2

TIHK EvadeClip

TIHK EvadeClip 3

TIHK EvadeClip 4

TIHK EvadeClip 5