TiGr Titanium Bike Lock

Oct 20, 2014

Category: Gear

Keeping your bike out of thieves’ hands shouldn’t have to be so hard, but (sigh) this is the world we live in. If you’re looking to reduce the effort that goes into this process, check out the TiGr Bike Lock.

This Titanium bow-lock promises extreme toughness in a shockingly light package. Choose from two widths and three lengths, knowing that a wide lock will result in a stronger lock, and a longer one giving you more locking options. The Standard Bow (24 in.) is long enough to capture both wheels on road bikes; the Long Bow (30 in. long) will capture both wheels on mountain bikes; and the Short Bow (18 in. long) is just long enough to capture one wheel and the frame, but it’s also short enough to stash in your backpack. [Purchase]

TiGr Bike Lock 2

TiGr Bike Lock 3

TiGr Bike Lock 4

TiGr Bike Lock 5

TiGr Bike Lock 6

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