Tiffany & Co. Took 155 Hours to Make a 23-Pound Shoebox for Its Nike Collab

Tiffany Co x Nike Sterling Silver Shoebox 0 Hero
Photo: Tiffany & Co. | Nike

If you couldn’t get your hands on the year’s biggest collab thus far earlier this week, we’re more than understanding. Nike’s surprising joint effort with Tiffany & Co. has practically dominated the shoe game for the past month or so, and both brands are still giving sneakerheads something new to fawn over.

This sterling-silver shoebox is a glistening alternative to the standard Tiffany blue-coated Nike box in which the Air Force 1 1837 was packaged. Unsurprisingly, it’s made entirely of the historic jeweler’s signature .925 sterling silver, then polished to give it a reflective look. As a final touch, it wouldn’t be a Nike box without a stainless-steel embossed Swoosh, which appears in the dead center of the top.

Tiffany Co x Nike Sterling Silver Shoebox 1
Photo: Tiffany & Co. | Nike

To pull this off, Tiffany’s esteemed artisans honed its century-old methods to painstakingly handcraft it for a whopping 155 hours. How much does it weigh, you ask? Twenty-three pounds — that’s twenty pounds more than the typical pair of Air Force 1s weigh combined. In other words, this thing is heavy.

In case you’re wondering, no, not a single pair of shoes sold this Tuesday came packaged in this ridiculously meticulous box; after all, this is a one-of-one. However, if you’re interested in adding some weight to your sneaker collection without rocking some heavy steppers, then Tiffany claims pricing is available upon request.