Ti2 Design’s Titanium STRATO Carabiner Defines Technical Durability

With the industry is taking a progressive stance when it comes to EDC peripherals, there isn’t much of a discussion surrounding gear that actually secures your most important items while out and about. That’s where Mike Bond’s Ti2 Design STRATO-Biner EDC Carabiner comes into play — giving you a tried-and-true technical device that’ll stow your keys and accessories in style.

The STRATO, a derivative of “Stratum” meaning “one of several parallel horizontal layers of material arranged one on top of another,” boasts a complex design that features several horizontal layers. To mimic the designer’s favorite liner lock knife styles, each STRATO is comprised of the main body core and two exterior scales. Two different core variants — aGrade 5 Alloy (6Al4V) titanium, and a 17-4 heat-treated tool steel — bring incredible strength and wear resistance to the carabiner. On the exterior, titanium, brass, and copper scales (each with their own finish) allow buyers to personalize the STRATO however they see fit. An integrated, asymmetrical gate serves to increase torsional rigidity and improve positive action for the life of the carrier. The carabiner is available on Kickstarter for $70+.

Kickstarter: $70+