The Bed By Thuma

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Beds are the foundation of our lives, a place where we spend nearly a third of our lifespan. Yet, no one really loves their bed frame. Most beds, cheap or expensive, come with a laundry list of undesirables like poor support, a bulky build, or an immobile nature not suited for moving. Thankfully, for us, the team at Thuma thought it was time for a modern luxury upgrade. Cue their flagship piece for modern bedroom living: aptly dubbed The Bed.

Globally inspired and designed in San Francisco, they drew from modern architecture, fashion, and minimalist luxury interiors, creating a platform bed designed to elevate every aspect of the bedroom in both form and function. The Bed is also made out of eco-friendly materials and assembles in five minutes with no tools needed. Additional features include a comfortable PillowBoard for a pro-lounge environment, cork-padded bottoms, rounded corners, a mattress lip to keep everything in place, and a 9-inch clearing underneath for storage. Currently available for both queen and king mattress sizes in their Dark Charcoal or Light Linen colorways and shipped directly to your doorstep. Rest easy.

Purchase: $800+