Three-Axle Rolls-Royce ‘Devil’

Oftentimes, when we see concept vehicles from digital artists, we’re left scratching our heads wondering why they would create such monsters. This Three-Axle Rolls-Royce, aptly named ‘Devil,’ is a monster, to be sure. But, instead of wondering why, we’ve got a slightly different question in our heads: why not?

Before you get all up in arms, there’s actually a pretty interesting story behind this design. Created by Indian artist Vivek, ‘Devil’ draws its inspiration not from your standard Rolls-Royce offerings, but rather from the bespoke one-off vehicles commissioned by Indian royalty throughout the years. Vivek wondered what a modern Prince might purchase for when they want to go off-roading – and this 6-axle luxury all-terrain crossover was what he came up with. And while it’s certainly a bit out-there from a purpose perspective, we’re glad it still retains the signature lines for which the brand has become so well-known.

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