This Book Is A Camera

Feb 19, 2016

Category: Entertainment

With digital camera equipment becoming more and more ubiquitous, it’s reasonable that our understanding of the technology that makes taking a photo possible is maybe a little less sharp. This Book is a Camera brings all of that know-how back into focus by returning to the basics of image making.

Kelli Anderson, designer and author of this book managed to create a pinhole camera from series of folds, cuts and tucks on the page. Using a pinhole as a lens, all you have to do is put a piece of Ilford photo paper in the camera, frame your shot, and manually open and close the shutter. The light let into the camera body will leave an imprint on the photo sensitive medium, and bam – your book took a photo. You can pick up this informative and fun book for just $23. [Purchase]

This Book is a Camera by Kelli Anderson 02

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