Thino Pocket Charger

Our phones keep getting faster, smarter, and more distracting, but one thing tech companies just can’t totally nail when it comes to these gadgets is the battery life. Power saving modes are nice and all, but having that little percentage charged number north of 90 is much better. That’s where Thino comes in handy – this sleek little charger can boost the juice on your phone three times faster than other devices on the market.

This charger can pack such a big punch because the process it uses to charge your phone is more stripped down than others. The father and son team behind the product explains that while most chargers supply a set current to a device, the Thino charger can tell how much current your device needs by using a micro-processing unit. This piece of tech isn’t all muscle and no brains, though. To protect your phone they’ve built in a short circuit protection along with a power path management system. Not only is this thing good at charging, it’s well designed and is easy to keep on hand. The secure locking mechanism built into the aluminum body makes it so you can throw the Thino on your keychain or around a belt-loop for easy everyday carry. Pick one up for just $20. [Purchase]

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