These Featherweight Wayfarers Were Built For The Outdoors

Let’s face it: sport-oriented sunglasses aren’t always the most attractive option, especially if they’re made with functional, utilitarian properties in mind. With Alba’s recently released ANVMA optics, however, you’ll find all of the industry’s best construction, quality, and materials, without any of the unsightly design principles.

Alba’s ANVMA sunglasses were made with style in mind — bringing buyers a Wayfarer-style silhouette that’s both lightweight and durable. At just 19 grams, these attractive eyewear essentials utilize the company’s renowned VZUM lenses, which boast an industry-leading defense against a menagerie of weather conditions, climates, and external inhibitors. At the corner of each, you’ll find cutouts that promote airflow and deter fogging, giving sport-oriented users a clear line-of-sight for whatever objective lies ahead. The ANVMA are available via Alba’s website for $145, and come in four different colorways: Black Ink, Vogue, Green Forest, and Snow.

Purchase: $145