ThermalTech Solar-Powered Smart Jacket

The folks at TermalTech, the Houston-based apparel maker, have designed a line of jackets that use technology to harness the energy of the sun and artificial light to keep you warm during the coldest winter days. Claiming to increasing the in-clothes temperature by 18 degrees in just two minutes by way of using embedded stainless steel mesh fabric threads, this may be your new go-to winter coat.

These jackets are both lightweight and strong, making them great for everyday use during the winter season. More importantly, though, these coats are just really good looking. Too often guys have to trade in style for warmth, but ThermalTech’s line of coats makes it so you can have your cake and eat it too. Coming in three different styles; street, explorer, and extreme, these jackets start at $149. [Purchase]

ThermalTech Jacket 1

ThermalTech Jacket 2

ThermalTech Jacket 03