ThermaCell Remote Control Heated Insoles

Remote Control Rechargeable Heated Insoles by ThermaCell

Remote Control Rechargeable Heated Insoles by ThermaCellAs the days begin to colder and colder, we are constantly searching for the most efficient ways to keep warm through the fall and winter. ThermaCell offers something extremely unique with their Remote Control Rechargable Heated Insoles.

The name really says it all for this device. Simply place the ThermaCell insole into your desired shoes, and with the included remote you have the option of selecting two different heat modes for your feet including medium (100 degrees F) or even it’s extremely cold outside, you may want to opt for the high setting (111 degrees F. The insole features a Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 5 hours, and can be recharged up 500 times before dying. You can purchase yours directly from Amazon.