TheraBody Ventures into Facial Care with Its Innovative TheraFace PRO

You may be familiar with TheraBody through its wide variety of body massage guns and an even wider number of professional endorsements, the latter of which has proven to be fully warranted thanks to the manufacturer’s high-end catalog. Looking to provide the same amount of attentiveness to your face as it does the rest of your body, the Colorado-based gadgeteer has unveiled its luxurious device in the TheraFace PRO, which is designed to relieve tension above the neck.

Often overlooked, a facial massage can do wonders in relieving stress around your neck and jaw, deeming this handy new tool as a great pickup if you’ve been feeling any aches and pains. The FDA-cleared device offers 3 percussive attachments: cone, micro-point, and flat. Additionally, seeing as you can’t simply use other TheraGun products on your face, the TheraFace PRO boasts a specific collection of tools to ensure that this is as much of a grooming device as it is a physical therapy session.

Moreover, the gadget comes equipped with three distinct LED light rings tailored toward reducing acne, wrinkles, and pain, so you’ll be looking as relieved as you feel in a matter of no time. On top of this trio, there is also a microcurrent ring, which assists in tightening the skin and bettering muscle tone around the face and neck, leaving you to appear as young as ever.

Whether your jaw is in pain or you need an additional element for your skincare routine, TheraBody’s latest release is as innovative as ever. The TheraFace PRO is now available on the brand’s website for $399.

Purchase: $399

Photo: TheraBody