This Glass-Clad 377′ Superyacht Packs A Helio Hanger & Spiral Staircase Foyer

The concept of bestowing ships with mansion-esque living spaces is nothing new, with the practice dating back to the Transatlantic passenger liners of the early 1900s. Over the last century, however, the envelope of opulence has increasingly been pushed by a number of designers. Of these individuals is Theodoros Fotiadis of Germany’s T. Fotiadis Design GmbH. The Berlin-based business specializes in superyacht and architectural designs, with a particular propensity for what it calls “bespoke design solutions”, the latest of which is this conceptual 377-foot mega-yacht dubbed the Stormbreaker.

Rather than employing traditional round and curved elements into the yacht’s design, T. Fotiadis has penned the 115M vessel with decidedly sharp lines and angles, resulting in a full-size megayacht that still manages to boast an aggressive look to it. Outfitted with multiple helicopter pads (and a helio hanger), the Stormbreaker sports a more-than-generous amount of glass siding, with windows comprising close to a third of the side of the ship’s total surface area. Inside the main foyer, the ship features a multi-story central spiral staircase that doubles as a lounge and art gallery. Though just conceptual at this point, the 115M Stormbreaker is ready for construction in either 295’ (90M) or 377’ (115M) specs.

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