Joseph Robinson’s ‘Z’ Motorcycle Is A Sleek Street Rocket With Futuristic Styling

Futuristic motorcycle concepts are a dime a dozen these days, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t open to the possibility of more awe-inspiring fantasy fodder. The Tron-Esque “Z Motorcycle” from California’s Joseph Robinson Design is one such sci-fi vision — a sleek, striking racer that boasts an equally-as-riveting riding position.

The Z Motorcycle is yet another all-electric offering in the sea of artist renderings, but what sets it apart from its peers is its modular construction. Where most visionary bikes boast a single-piece frame that works like many of today’s standard models, the Z employs a multi-part blueprint that allows for the easy removal, and swap, of its 30 kW/h battery, allowing users to plug-and-play when they get low on power. A set of fold-out handlebars and footpegs stow away when not in use, giving the cycle a sleek, refined look that one might expect from the cyber-styled cafe racer, while a singular rear shock, strut tower, and length-running backbone result in the Z’s primary visual pleasantries. But that’s not all; an integrated LED strip on the bike’s exterior can light up to signal its rider’s intentions, and promote visibility while in inclement weather. Head to Joseph Robinson Design’s website to get a better idea of the Z’s inner workings.

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